Praxis - Training Systems

PRAXIS Training Systems is a branch of Interconn UBS offering trainings and lectures in variety  of topics such as sales, customer services, negotiation, communication, leadership, management techniques, stress management, time management and other fields.

Business Philosophy

The ATTITUDE is main factor that contributes to SUCCESS.
A study attributed to Harvard University found that when a person gets a job, 85% of the time it is because of their attitude, and only 15% of the time because of how smart they are and how many facts and figures they know. Surprisingly, almost 100% of education money goes to teach facts and figures which account for only 15% of success in work!

Aside of the above misconception, PRAXIS Training Systems addresses the deepest participants ’ layers, involves them in the very root of the servicing process by applying the ancient Lao Tzu’s philosophy:

“What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.”

PRAXIS Training Systems offeres services in both:

  • Business and Corporate Trainig
  • Personal Development

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