Consulting in Engineering:

  • Site Acquisition and assistance in property documentation
  • Assistance in proper documentation obtaining
  • Building permits issue - obtaining and consulting
  • Completion of Tenders for construction works
  • Collections of applications and realization of the works
  • Construction and operative monitoring (supervising)
  • Technical acceptance issue obtaining and consulting
  • Certificate of occupation obtaining and consulting

Planning Studies and Analyses

  • Site planning and design
  • Translation and rework of foreign designs in accordance to domestic provision
  • Rework, improvement and completion of ready design
  • Analysis for improvement, rationalization, remedy or reassignment of existing constructions
  • Revisions
  • Cost analysis
  • Technical and organization support and consulting of civil construction companies

Maintenance of Civil Construction

  • Analysis and solution selection in accordance to standards
  • Organization of construction maintenance

Trade Marketing for civil engineering materials and products for Exporters in Macedonia

  • Promotion activities organization and execution
  • Technical support and consulting in products and materials usage

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