What Value Interconn UBS Adds on?

For EXPORTERS to Macedonia:

Interconn UBS acts as an independent agency that contracts with exporters of products and services in Macedonia, operating as their extension, providing sales and marketing programs with distributors, performing misson critical functions that exporters otherwise would have to perform themselves at a higher cost and less efficiently.

Interconn UBS offers value-added sales and marketing services package, providing:

  • Customer expertise
    • Improved customer access
    • Improved customer relationships – Account Management
  • Market expertise
    •  Business environment study
  • Local presence
    •  Product Management
    •  Sales, marketing and promotional services

  • Flexibility, thus resulting in

of the exporter’s operation in Macedonia.

More info here.


For PRODUCERS in Macedonia:

Business Consulting:

  • Strategic planing
  • Budgeting
  • Industry analysis
  • Business planning
  • Training servises



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