Our Mission:

Expecting and facing the New that comes, we Explore and readily awaiting the Change, we Innovate, Influence and Transform the Business Environment, Bringing in New Quality. Simply, We Add Value!

Our Vision:

Our continuous strive to Master the Excellence leads us toward our goal – to become example for Еxceeded Еxpectation for value and service for both- partners and employees, and to get and stay recognized as business subject that not only do the things right, but also do the right things.
That’s the way that makes us able to see our company as one of the best in the region, and the very best in the field of operation. We have a Direction, and it’s all that counts to achieve great things. Pursuing our path, we remember that Excellence is not a destination but continuous Journey that never ends.

Our Values:

Interconn UBS provides working environment where search for and Practice of Excellence has become a Standard. Through our never-ending effort for enhancing the Effective Communication, personal Change and Development, we affect our Way of Thinking and understanding the business. 
Interconn UBS is much grater than the sum of the parts consisted of.
The awareness of how we do what we do put the business self-management on the next level, thus minimizing the influence of the external factors.
Interconn UBS LIVES a process of discovery of new ways of thinking and working. The process of continuous Learning and Growth is the very basis of our business culture.

Clear Vision + Strong Determination + Flexibility = SUCCESS


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