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Location: South-eastern Europe, north of Greece

Geographic Coordinates: 41 50 N, 22 00 E

Area: total: 25,333
land: 24,856 water: 477

Land boundaries:  total: 766 km
border countries: Albania 151 km, Bulgaria 148 km, Greece 246 km, Serbia 221 km

Elevation extremes:
lowest point: Vardar River 50 m
highest point: Korab 2,753 m

Natural resources: chromium, lead, zinc, manganese, tungsten, nickel, low-grade iron ore, asbestos, sulphur, timber

Land use:  arable land: 23.59%,  permanent crops: 1.85%, permanent pastures: 25%, forests and woodland: 39%  other: 10%

Irrigated land: 550 sq. km

National capital: Skopje (562 000 inhabitants).

Other large cities: Bitola, Prilep, Kumanovo, Tetovo

Legal system: based on civil law system, judicial review of legislative acts

Administrative divisions: 88 municipalities

 Data code:  MK



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