What Value Interconn UBS Adds on?

For EXPORTERS to Macedonia:

Customer/Market Expertise

Interconn UBS produces superior results because possess expertise across departments and product categories, in technology, local marketing, merchandising and speed to shelf. We take a hands-on approach, in which selling is the primary activity, and our focus on profitable volume leads to top and bottom-line results.

Interconn UBS provides a variety of specialized services that add value to the distribution process and help increase profits for their suppliers and customers.

Interconn UBS possesses expertise and resources to provide a wider range of activities such as:

  • Sales and promotion planning, including:
    • Retailer and manufacturer business reviews (conduct shelf management, analyze category data)
    • Consumer marketing
    • New item introductions
  • Merchandising and marketing, including:
    • New item cut-ins
    • Rotating shelf stock
    • Building displays
    • Conducting resets
    • Maintaining display racks
    • Handling damaged goods
  • Order fulfillment, including:
    • Forecast product needs
    • Pick up orders
    • Establish and maintain ordering system
    • Schedule product delivery
  • Customer service, including:
    • Account administration (damaged goods, deductions, reconciling commissions and invoices)
    • Sales administration (sales reporting, monitoring distribution, ordering and maintaining POS/racks), management reporting
  • Business development, including:
    • Industry analysis
    • Strategic planning
    • Concept Development,
    • Market Analysis, Trends and Needs,
    • Market Testing,
    • Growth Drivers,
    • Competitive Landscape,
    • Other ‘mission critical’ points

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New Partnerships

When contracted by a client, Interconn UBS works to help understand and to assist in defining the marketing and sales objectives. Working within this framework, utilizing the market expertise based on long-term presence, and complexity and specifics of the local market, a set of resources are employed and developed, to meet the sales and profit objectives.

Interconn UBS executes and oversees the “prototype concept” development with the partner. In consultation with the partner, Interconn UBS additionally, fine-tunes various aspects of the concept on-the-move to produce a value driven outcome which will create essential momentum towards final success.


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